Thursday, October 25, 2007

taipei: shan xi dao xiao mian


although the shan xi dao xiao mian that was recommended was actually some place else, we also happened to stumble across a branch in the fu xing area. just like we did with berry berry cobo, and earlier the same afternoon too.

for such thick slices of noodle with varying degrees of thickness, it was done very nicely just a little past al dente. the beef soup was not bad and it went quite well with the dao xiao mian. seen above here is the beef soup dao xiao mian - a hilarious mistake we made when ordering. it didnt come with any beef, so we can't tell you how it tastes like.

i had the beef tendon soup version. i know not many people eat tendon but this was done quite well too. i liked it.


poor lijun had to have something non-beef in a beefy place (sorry!) and so she settled for something that sounded sze chuany. think it was only all right. we also had guo tie, which was okay, and fried veg which was great! better than din tai fung's - more on DTF another day.

Shan Xi Dao Xiao Mian
No. 2, Lane 118, He Ping Road

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