Monday, October 22, 2007

taipei: berry berry cobo

berry berry cobo's one of those little gems that we'd heard about from jun (from her friend) before we went but forgot to take down the address. nonetheless, on the way to finding another restaurant - this korean place that had gotten rave reviews from a blogger - we accidentally stumbled upon it along the same street!

this is definitely a girl's place. for about NT250 or so, you could sit there and have a dessert/tea buffet. and they had all sorts of desserts and cakes on offer - just bring your plate! the beauty of the food here is that the cakes aren't the overly rich variety but were light enough that you wouldn't tire of it quickly. in fact, we were there for less than an hour till the buffet ended at 540pm, but between us four, we had nearly 20 plates! - of which nearly half was polished off by rae alone, well done babe!

they also had some savoury food on hand and their macaroni bake was pretty good, as were their fries, despite the inconsistency in servings. one serving came with pepper but no salt, one with both pepper and salt, and one without anything! tomato sauce saves the day though.

and the decor! its so bright and cheery, all done up in white, cream and various bright candy colors. really definitely a girl's hangout although there were the occasional few guys.

all in all, quite a worthwhile try.

Berry Berry Cobo (草 莓工房)
Fuxing S. Rd Section 1
160 Alley No 62

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