Friday, October 19, 2007

taipei: lu rou fan (stewed meat rice)

IMG_0442 copyb

this one is for everyone who's gone to taiwan with me: 365 lu rou fan!!!

and yeah, that's their papaya milk milk tea behind there. :D

(post note: jun pointed out that this was the third morning not the first day we were there - yes someone had it twice in as many days i think - and so it was milk tea and not papaya milk. that's sad cos that means i don't have a picture of the papaya milk!)

oh joy, i am suffering from insane cravings for this right about now. the minced meat is, as you can see, somewhat on the slightly fatty side, stewed for so long with its salty, fabulous sauce until it almost melts in your mouth. coupled with fluffy taiwanese short grain rice, it is savoury heaven in your mouth.


also seen here from the last trip is the carrot cake, fried rice (which strangely tasted a lot better that last trip than it did this time) and the fried oyster, or ah jian - which was, to my somewhat very unprejudiced tastes when it comes to or ah jian, not bad.

they really should bring some of these taipei food here.

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