Saturday, October 20, 2007

taipei: romankan yokohama katsu sandwich

DSC00897 copy

it is with a sad and heavy heart (unsatisfied tummy?) that i report that the romankan yokohama in the basement of takashimaya is a pale shade of its taipei counterpart in the basement of Breeze Centre down at Fu Xing. shown here is the one from taipei in all its juicy, tender glory.

DSC00899 copy

there they had choices of katsu sandwiches as well. the original pork katsu, chicken katsu, katsu with teriyaki sauce, croquette etc. i had the chicken katsu, pictured above, which looks almost exactly like the pork katsu sandwich.

the local one looks nearly the same, but somehow the local version's meat was just that bit tougher and drier - granted that i was having the pork katsu this time. even the bread they used tasted not as fresh for some reason. i am sad. actually like rae pointed out, if we had this here without ever tasting the one in taipei, we'd actually find it pretty all right. but because we've had (almost) the best..........

i'm sorry, i just had the local version in an effort to stem this bout of withdrawal symptoms from taipei food. i'm just that little bit devastated that it didnt work. :(

Romankan Yokohama
B1 Food Court Breeze Centre
39, Fu Hsing South Rd, Sec. 2

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