Sunday, September 30, 2007


my vote for best iced yuan yang (or "chum" as we call it back in KL, or at least my family does) goes quite obviously to Killiney Kopitiam's (specifically the one down at Marina Square). not too thick and not too sweet, its fab.

best vote for the hot version surprisingly goes to Ya Kun which is quite a bummer. i don't really fancy anything else from there, but their hot yuan yang really packs quite a kick. good for those breaks in between classes where i need a wake-up bash of caffeine.

i think i've reached that stage where teh ping's usually too sweet and doesn't pack much of a kick, and i'm just sick of coffee. yuan yang's the way to go man. cheap too, seeing as how gourmet coffee houses don't have this on their menu. woo!

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