Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Book Cafe & The Chocolate Factory

The Book Cafe's a great place to hang out on a friday night if the usual friday night bustle is not your thing. even though its along the mohd sultan stretch, now a bustling spot for wining and dining, the book cafe was pretty quiet, cosy and low key, although about a quarter to half-filled. more people started coming in as we were leaving though, so i suppose it might be more a spot for after-dinner lounges on the really comfy couches there.

the decor is chic and the walls are lined with books, true to their name. you can help yourselves to the books so this is probably a very good place to sit down an afternoon and just read. the orange tea was a really refreshing change to the usual iced lemon tea on most menus as well, so that probably adds to its appeal for lazy afternoon.

food wise, the food took a little long to come even though the restaurant was not full. the grilled chicken and vegetables was pretty good. i really liked the aubergines and potatos that came with the chicken - which was also not bad. i can't tell you about the zucchinis because zucchinis are like cucumbers and i don't do cucumbers man, unless its like in zha jiang mian.

i had the seafood pizza which was not bad as well. made from scratch (or so it claims), it was not outstanding but for the pocket-friendly price, it really was quite all right. the seafood was not overdone and the crust not thick but the thinner slightly crispy variety, just the way i like it. i would have preferred more cheese though.

so yeah, all in all, a pretty place with not bad eats. the mains come a bit more expensive but even then the bill only came to about $32 for the above. i can imagine spending quite a few long afternoons here ensconced on the sofas with a good book off their shelves.

after that, we adjourned to The Chocolate Factory just across the road. it sits right between Brussel Sprouts (oh hello!) and Harry's @ Robertson Quay - a stretch i seem to be frequenting of late, incidentally. i don't have any pictures because apparently they have a no-photo policy. pity really because the After 8 Souffle looked marvelous, risen all high and proud in its dish unlike the plain Chocolate Souffle which looked more like a muffin. but even then i'm not sure if the picture would have done it justice.

the After 8 Souffle is TO DIE FOR.

the light-as-air souffle is just comforting warmness on your tongue but the zing of the mint in the souffle, coupled with the warmed chocolate sauce will send you over the moon. i saw stars. it was the mint that did it. if it were just a plain chocolate souffle, i don't imagine i'd be raving about it to you right now. but the mint gives such a kick that you really can get high on that stuff.


this is a definite must-try.

The Book Cafe
Seng Kee Building #01-02
20 Martin Road

The Chocolate Factory
The Pier on Robertson Quay
80 Mohd Sultan Road #01-11

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