Wednesday, September 26, 2007

black pepper soft-shell crab with glass noodles

just thought i'd have something different from my usual shrimp paste fried rice or glass noodles in seafood tom yum soup at Thai Express. i'm honestly not that big a fan of the place but my parents seem to like it for a quick lunch and i go where they go anyhows.

so yeah, this to me was one of the better mains on the menu that i've had. i was not a big fan of the crabs, they were a little small and the taste of oil was a tad too strong - but that could be just me. but the glass noodles were quite good and flavourful. not too peppery at all.

but as it stands, i think the best thing i could eat loads and loads of from TE is still their mango salad and only when the mangoes are green and sour. forgot to take some snaps though, next time maybe.

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