Friday, June 15, 2012

Bistro Soori

i've been a very naughty girl.

it's friday today and the second time in two fridays that i've hit up Bistro Soori. my pocket is crying for mercy but truly, that's just a whimper lost in the loud noises satisfaction i've probably made over two dinners at this divine place.

without further ado: tonight's 5 course degustation menu.

Bistro Soori

the first appetizer was the scallop sashimi served on a bed of cherry tomatoes and cucumber, dressed with dressing that had notes of yuzu, and of course, topped with caviar. key words here: light and so very balanced. the sweetness of the scallop, the saltiness of the caviar, the cherry sweetness of the tomatoes, the light crunch of the cucumbers (and i don't usually eat cucumbers) all totally works with the tart freshness of the dressing.

this was not the first scallop appetizer i've had at Bistro Soori. at last week's 7 course degustation indulgence, we began with the seared scallops with pistachio pesto, arugula and truffle vinaigrette that absolutely started us off on a great note for that evening. this evening was no different.


the second appetizer of the night was the pork with pumpkin and lettuce, served on a pretty slate plate that absolutely appeals to my minimalist heart. heck - the decor of the whole place appeals to my minimalist heart. lots of white? check. clean lines? check. wood and mirror finishes? check. window that opens to nice green garden? check check check.

anyway yes. this pork was really quite good. tender and fairly delicately seasoned, it went well with the sweet pumpkin and what tasted to me like honey truffle sauce - i might be wrong on this one but for someone like me who can't really tell individual ingredients that well just on taste alone, i'm not sure i really care what goes into it. its the experience that counts, and this experience rawked.

contrast again the last pork dish i had at Bistro Soori last week: the braised pork cheek which was unbelievable tender, rich in flavour and not the least porky. you know what i mean.


entree number one: the truffle risotto. nomnomnom.

creamy with generous flakes of black truffle and the risotto done just right with enough bite left in them. gorgeous, but having had the uni risotto last week, its not gorgeous enough. not even close. that uni risotto was really something awesome. the creaminess of the fresh uni on top with each bite of the uni and yuzu infused risotto was quite, quite ridiculous. it had my dinner partner last week in all sorts of bliss, being a big fan of uni. so yes - the uni risotto wins this round.


entree number 2 for the evening: the braised beef cheek on garlic sauteed spinach and mash with beef jus.


hands down the dish of the evening. the beef was so unbelievably tender that you wouldn't have needed a knife really, it was so soft. the mash potatoes - probably one of the creamiest and most awesome mash i've had in a while. and then there was the sauteed spinach. oh my gosh. each mouthful was an explosion of flavour of garlic and a hint of truffle as well. now imagine all of that in a single bite.

excuse me a sec while i go back to my happy place remember this. sigh!!!!!

absolutely divine this one. no other word for it. but this isn't the only divine entree on the menu i can tell you that. from my experience on the seven course degustation menu the previous week, the brown butter maine lobster with tomatoes, fennel and tamarind sauce also totally rocked my world. totally rocked my world.

my only regret from the previous week is really just that i was seated at a place where the lighting didn't afford much photo opportunity. which was a pity. because that evening, we also had the following: a super light angel hair tossed in mayonnaise and caviar (another favourite of mine) and a rib-eye with roasted potatoes and caramelised onions (ooh!) - both of which were also fabulous. Bistro Soori has really surprised me, blindsided me even, with the awesomeness.

coupled with generally great service and knowledgeable staff, these two fridays have been probably the best dinner experiences i've had this 2012. the meals to beat this year, y'alls.

and now, to plan to go back for their brunch.

Bistro Soori
2 Teck Lim Road
Singapore 088385
T. +65 6438 3802

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