Sunday, August 19, 2012

HY California

pre-Annie, post a few crazy weeks at work, we get this and a golden sunset over the bay on the weekend before national day.


the Hokkaido seared scallops, quick seared with sushi soy sauce. simply done, sweet and fresh with the squeeze of lime.

and then we had these:


the Philadelphia roll (salmon, cream cheese and onions), the salmon and avocado roll and the quintessential spider roll. these were really very good. these come in your choice of 3 or 6 pieces. as you can tell, we were going light this day. the bff liked the Philadelphia. i liked the more boring pickings. less complicated on the palate.

what was also not complicated, was the mojito.

sometimes that's all you really need. simplicity. on a golden saturday evening in the middle of town.

i would like to come back to hit up HY California again soon, perhaps for the mains the next time. but for a light evening bite, this does very well.

HY California 
Level 1 of Marina Bay Sands Shoppes
Next to the Art Science Museum

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