Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Brunch Series: House

have you guys been here? it's quite a pretty space.


pretty good cappuccino too.


i was diggin the eggs ben - this one done on a biscuit, with ham shavings, spinach and sundried tomatoes on top served up with a healthy portion of salad. i like the biscuit variation and i also liked the spinach. i thought they could perhaps have done a little bit more with the ham but that's just nitpicking.


i also think they had a rawkin place mat.

but seriously, tau sar pau and teh tarik set for S$8??? even if i were a person who enjoyed pau, i think i'd rather pay a little more and go with their assortment of fries, preferably truffle.

anyhow, House definitely is not bad a place for the Sunday brunch crowd. lovely space, fairly good food and definitely not overcrowded - unlike Jones the next block over. funnily, it was because Jones was overcrowded this morning (and probably every sunday i would imagine) that me and my cousin hiked over to House. i'd been there once before for a baby shower. and while the food was really not bad, the service was, during that one visit, abysmal... but at least we got a discount for that one.

so yes. one of Singapore's best restaurants in 2012 apparently. i would suggest booking before going but even for walk-ins at the sharing table, it was fine.

80 Dempsey Road
Singapore 249672

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