Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Restoran Soo Kee: Ipoh Horfun


seeing as how i only spend a few days a year back in kl i'm probably not the best person to recommend food places in kl. but boy oh boy do i miss those that i already know and love. like this one: restoran soo kee in petaling jaya.

i've been going back to this place for years and years. my parents have pretty much watched the original boss's son grow up. he now runs the place with his mother and it still remains a very popular breakfast/lunch spot. don't think they do dinners but i can't be sure because i don't usually go to that area come dinner time. plus, i rather suspect they sell out by the afternoon. they are that popular.


the soup is rich but not overly so, and absolutely full of prawn flavour in it. that, coupled with the thinner kway teow/hor fun, is just gorgeous.

the prawn wonton is pretty darn good as well. the prawns are fresh, the skin is thin but holds pretty well, and makes for a absolutely delicious mouthful. my only complaint about the wonton is that they are a wee bit on the small side. no pictures here because my family couldn't wait for me to dig in. so yeah.


we also usually have half a chicken as another central dish to share. their white chicken is succulent, juicy but not oily. the oyster sauce its served with is flavourful and isn't too strong that it over powers the chicken. an excellent dish to accompany our own individual bowls of hor fun.

but all this comes for a price of course. four bowls of ipoh horfun, a bowl of prawn wonton on the side and the super smooth chicken set us back nearly RM40. pretty expensive for breakfast but its a price i gladly pay given how seldom i make it back to kl nowadays.

i know i say kl but strictly speaking, restoran soo kee's in PJ. SEA Park to be exact - for those of you who might actually make the effort to go try it if you're in town. be warned about the crowd and the parking though. its opposite the wet market.

and lastly, ever a worthy mention is the fried hokkien beehoon-mee from jln 222. again, a lot of people who stay in kl might not agree but i really do find this one to be the best. its from the corner coffeeshop behind the the shell station. amazingly this hokkien mee tastes absolutely the best if you ta pau it back to where ever you're staying, to eat. i think the time in the packet must make the flavours really get deep into the noodles. my dad and i polished off a small packet in quick order. it was absolutely fabulous.

no pictures of that one cos i just couldn't wait to dig in. but guess that means more incentive to go to kl and try it huh? =D

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