Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Caffe Bar

The Caffe Bar 1

nestled into the not-so-little cul de sac at one end of Parkway Parade that houses Novo, G2000, Topshop and the likes, The Caffe Bar was a great accidental find for coffee/dessert. accidental because the heavy downpour prevented us from getting to starbucks without getting wet - something i'm really glad for on hindsight.

the apple tart and vanilla bean ice-cream was a chef's recommendation and i agree. it was pretty darn close to fabulous. the pastry is light and flaky, baked immediately upon ordering although it still takes about 15 minutes. the apple filling is not too sweet but retains a very rich apple taste and a tinge of cider-ey sourness complemented by the soaked raisins. the pine nuts aren't too many that you feel you're diving into a bag of nuts in front of the tv and the ice-cream was seriously quite good and was the sweet - and cold - counterpoint to the warm pastry and apple filling.

i love!

The Caffe Bar 2

and then there is the coffee. see that pretty Viennese Cappunccino in all its whipped-cream and fancy chocolate-dusting glory back there? can't beat the humble flat white which was pretty decent. i really quite liked it actually. i think i've been having so much fancy coffee of late that its really refreshing to go back to the basics.

and how could i forget to mention those absolutely adorable coffee cups? now i know what to get my mum for christmas.

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