Sunday, January 13, 2008

Food For Thought

hiho. in line with the new year, i think its pretty apt that i'm going to start of the year with a review on Food For Thought. good food for a good cause.


its one of those places where i've always tried to go but couldn't before because it was full or the kitchen was closed and etc. but i finally got the chance to yesterday and i'm glad i did. it's a great place for a lazy saturday afternoon to kick back and catch up with friends.

as i'd had a pretty heavy breakfast, all i had at Food For Thought were their desserts. and what other dessert was there to try if you were there for the first time proper than their red velvet cake? i really quite liked it.

The Old-Fashioned Red Velvet Cake

the color's pretty misleading because it doesnt remotely taste of berries or even beetroot which was what we were surmising they added to get that red color (red food coloring did cross our mind but we'll give them the benefit of the doubt). but it actually tastes like a thick and not too rich sponge cake. the cream cheese icing was fab but strong enough that it pretty much covered the taste of the cake when you reached the end of the slice.


there were plenty of other desserts at their place as evidence by their window display. we also had their carrot cake and oreo cheesecake (not pictured) which were both really quite good as well, especially the latter. even shin, who doesn't like oreo cheesecake ordinarily, liked this one. it was light and the base was just firm enough that it was really close to being the biscuit of the original oreo but more moist. the carrot cake i only had a bite of because i was so full by then but it wasn't too rich again. i'd have that the next time i go.

Mushroom soup and Basil Pesto Chicken Sandwich 2

although i didn't have mains, my lovely dining companions did. they opted for the combination which cost less than $10 (the prices vary depending on what combination you choose). shown here was the popular choice of the table: mushroom soup and basil pesto chicken sandwich. i was assured that it really tasted quite good. will try that when i next go.

because it was full inside and we hadn't booked before hand, we sat outside and dined al fresco which i really enjoyed. we had beautiful weather yesterday (the rain only came much later) and it was a great place to kid-watch, particularly the little chap in blue and bright yellow crocs. crocs only look good on kids. and then as we were leaving...

Multipurpose welcome horse

talk about multipurpose welcome sign. haha.

Food For Thought
420 North Bridge Road
North Bridge Centre
Singapore 188727

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joanh said...

YUM! That's so cool you can find red velvet cake in Singapore. The frosting is the best part about it. I love your pictures.