Friday, November 23, 2007

xmas/study snack


bite-sized, individually wrapped brownies that someone was selling at my mum's office. its another of those colleague's-enterprising-family-members-home-baked-food things but i really do like these ones. again, not too sweet and just the right consistency. it retains some softness even when i eat them straight out from the fridge. and you can taste each and every single one of those chocolate chips when eaten cold. i've yet to really warm them up yet but i'd imagine it'll turn into rich, warm, chocolatey messes that a lot of us seem to love.

on the upside, it makes portion control a lot easier for the conscious. also ensures that its not too much rich food at a single go.

on the downside, its also a lot easier to eat like that. very addictive, these.

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