Monday, November 19, 2007

home-baked: sha and char


buttery, moist and not too sweet with some ice-cream on the side - good stuff sha. :)


a lot of ppl ard me seem to be baking these few months, esp june and char. unfortunately i haven't had decent photos of the great stuff char's been baking because i've been too busy eating them (the spice cake comes to mind)! bummed. but i do have this long over due picture of the lovely mini mooncakes she made a couple of months ago.

excuse my big thumb. i had to hold it to snap a quick pic cos we were doing the forbidden in the auditorium - eating. muahaha


nehnehpok said...

hey babe! hang in there! and well see the reason why we bake is cos it serves 2 purposes: first, it relieves stress, and second, it results in delicious food that we greedies cannot help but stuff our faces with (i.e. emo-eating/food therapy).

damn now i want chocolate cake too.

jenn said...

heehee well u can make that as your next stress relieving project :D