Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Brunch Series: Group Therapy Cafe

Brunch @ Group Therapy Cafe

this place is also known to me as the place with a pretty eclectic mix of chairs.

Brunch @ Group Therapy Cafe

blue chairs, white chairs, plastic chairs, leather couches, fabric couches, high chairs, metal chairs, so many different chairs!

Brunch @ Group Therapy Cafe

but all those chairs aside, there was also food. and Group Therapy Cafe's menu was fairly refreshing in the you're not really sure what you're gonna get kinda way. their menu, printed on plain white paper, is artful but very obviously temporary. its as though the chef doesn't decide whats on the menu till the day itself.

Brunch @ Group Therapy Cafe

that said, the food comes as pretty and quaint as the space (and those chairs!) in which it is served. we tried the Croque Madame, the Eggs in a basket and probably the star of the day, the Poached Eggs on thick toast, smoked salmon, gruyere and hollandaise.


Brunch @ Group Therapy Cafe

i had it served with a fairly good cappuccino. it was pretty good, if a little artery-choking. i liked it that it was essentially eggs ben on thick toast (as opposed to a muffin say) but i must say eggs ben with salmon is not my favourite. as it usually does, it turned out a bit too salty because of the salmon. but that's probably just a peeve of mine. the others certainly had no issues with this.

i also tried a bit of the Croque Madame. also good in the artery-choking way, not for the faint of heart. the french toast was a little on the sweet side, so if you're a swalty fan, this is probably your dish.

eggs in a basket: a pretty novelty - the eggs come in two little hollowed out bread rolls. but i reckon you could probably give that a miss unless you're the kind who likes hard breads. my jaw certainly had a bit of a workout just munching on the lids of one of those little "baskets" (basket!).

but all in all, it was a fairly all right dining experience set in a pretty, artful little place in Duxton. a great place for coffee and chilling out with groups of friends (hence the name), but i think i was looking for a bit more food wise.

Group Therapy Cafe
49 Duxton Road

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