Monday, August 25, 2008

Le Normandie

(picture courtesy of The Oriental Hotel, Bangkok)

after a long hiatus from this site, i think it's great that the first post in ages is about the much talked about Le Normandie at the Oriental Hotel, Bangkok.

the Oriental Hotel oozes old world luxury, a theme that's carried through to Le Normandie which is on the top floor of the annex. we were lucky. although almost all the tables afforded views of both sides of the building, we had a beautiful view of the chao phraya by night. although the place is almost stiffly formal, the four of us had quite a good time nonetheless. i think its a refreshing change having to dress up for a dinner like that once in a long while.

the reviews about Le Normandie have been mixed. personally though, i thought the restaurant boasted a stronger entree menu than mains. the goose liver ravioli with truffle sauce was a stunner. the best dish of the night by far. i also had the breast of pigeon for my main which was also really quite good. the veal that my dinner dates had was all right. i had the crepe suzette to close and i must say i enjoyed it. it was a good way to end a great - if not a little long- evening.

but all that came at a price of course - a very steep price in fact. we had been forewarned that it was going to be expensive, but even then, we were still a bit surprised at how expensive it was. the bill for the four of us, including a half bottle of red wine, four entrees, two mains to share and three desserts came to a grand total of 16,000 baht. you all can do the math.

i would suggest trying lunch instead but i must say that if the lunch menu doesnt have the goose liver ravioli, you'd be missing something really special.

Le Normandie
The Oriental Hotel
48 Oriental Avenue
Bangkok, Thailand 10500

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