Sunday, February 17, 2008



this has long been a favourite restaurant of mine. touted as the (younger) sister restaurant of Menotti's, i'd say i'd prefer Riciotti any day.... any day that i don't feel like having seafood risotto that is. that remains the one dish on Menotti's menu that i wish is on Ricciotti's.

but otherwise, this crabmeat pasta at Riciotti remains, currently, the best i've eaten thus far. not kidding. the dish has some italian name which i cannot remember right now, but its the only crabmeat pasta on the menu. though i can't really think of how they can think up a better crabmeat pasta than this one. honestly.

the other thing i adore here is their mango float. served in a pretty glass and a scoop of their fab vanilla bean ice cream, its seriously my favourite drink there. no pictures however, i totally forgot in my rush to sip it all up.

and to finish up my meal that day, i had the profiteroles and not my usual tiramisu for once. i think this remains one of the easiest profiteroles to eat without everything spilling out in all directions.

Ricciotti 3

the pastry was light but didnt fall apart when you bit into it and everything was held together with a good dark chocolate that was not too sweet. each serving comes with three profiteroles with different fillings nestled in a chocolate shell (which incidentally made a pretty good after dinner chocolate in itself). so yeah generally good but personally i felt there was just a wee bit too much chocolate.

the marmalade pantry

the Marmalade Pantry 2

the toffee date pudding (is that what its called?) was just divine.

that's the apple crumble in the distance. it was pretty good but its nothing on the pudding. seriously.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Royal Copenhagen








this was why gastric flu didn't stop rae from coming. i thought the food was pretty good save for the petty pastry with shrimp and asparagus which could have been better. personally enjoyed the mushroom soup the best though the salmon platter was also not bad a'tall.

from the top:
the menu
roasted mushroom soup
the salmon platter
petty pastry with shrimp and asparagus
our overladen table
grandma's scones
ice-cream cake with marzipan and fruit salad